4 Weeks Muscle Building Program

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Do you think it is possible to run Muscle Building program and get the result in 4 weeks? Actually, it is possible to gain muscle for 4 weeks as long as you know the right way to do it. Now, you will learn about how to get it. The most important thing is it is a must to do the program in high consistency and continuously. What you need to know that this program is divided into 2 different parts based on the week.

First Two Weeks of Muscle Building Program

If we talk about Muscle Building, definitely, we will talk about several exercises to build your muscle mass. The specific exercise you should do is lifting heavy exercise. Moreover, it is a must to do those exercises for about 6 up to 8 repetitions but it is also okay to do it more than that. In fact, some people do the exercises around 8 up to 12 sets.

For those who want to get large muscle groups, it is better for you to do the exercise once a week. This is because if you need bulk tons of muscle it means you also need to give more time to recovery. The key is doing the exercise consistent in the same repetition and set. Don’t work out without plan because it leads you to a catabolic condition or muscle wasting. This is a condition which your tissue is broken but you don’t build it up. Remember! Although, you want to gain around 10 pounds of mass in short period of time but it doesn’t mean that you have to force your body. On the other hand, it needs the right balance of rest and recovery.

Next Two Weeks of Muscle Building Program

The next 2 weeks are focusing on maximizing the size of the muscles. You can bulk the mass of the muscles by using high tension of repetitions and the intensity of doing the exercise. In specific, you can increase the repetition into 10 up to 12 repetitions. By increasing the repetition of the exercise, it triggers muscle hypertrophy. The volume of your muscle will be increased drastically during these two weeks. Automatically, this repetition will also improve the intensity of the exercise. Again, it doesn’t mean that you have to force your body. Just consult to the professional trainer about this Muscle Building program to prevent overtraining and catabolism condition. The process will be hard to do but you will be satisfied with the result. In the end, you will see big muscles around your body and definitely it improves your confident.  

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