Two Simple Fitness Exercises without Equipment

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Some people said that it is complicated for them to do Fitness because it needs several tools to support this activity. Actually, this statement is not totally right. This is concerning to the fact that you still do it well even without any kind of tools. The explanation above is about to reveal several exercises which don’t need to use any kind of tools at all but you get significant impact from it.

Plie Squat Jump Fitness Exercise

If you really want to do Fitness without any tool, you need to consider doing an exercise namely plié squat jump. This exercise is easy to do and you just need to spend around 45 seconds and do it for 2 sets everyday to get maximal impact.

First, you have to stand and open your feet wider than your shoulder. Second, put your hand in front of the chest. Third, just lower your feet just like a plié squat. Fourth, just jump as high as you can. Don’t forget to tap your heel in the middle air. Fifth, land your feet in the plié squat position. You can also watch the online video about the exact position of plié squat jump. this exercise regularly and you can reduce your fat significantly. The most important thing, it is easy to do and you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment. 

One Legged Lift Hop Fitness Exercise

The exercise above is not the only workout you can do to burn your fat. Actually, you can also do different type of workout. Again, you don’t need to use any equipment. The name of the workout is one legged lift hop. Just like then name of the Fitness movement, it means you have to lift one of your legs. First, you should stand your left leg. Second, the right knee is lifted and the height is on the hip. Third, raise your arms and bend your elbow. In this position, you have to make sure that the position of your back is flat. Just keep your balance and then jump up. Then, you have to land slowly with your left leg. Just repeat this exercise up to 30 seconds. The key is trying to keep your right leg not to touch floor. Switch the leg every 30 seconds. If you can do this exercise regularly, you can burn fat around abs, butt and legs. What you should do next is trying to do those two exercises consistently to feel the result. Don’t force your body and just take a rest if you are tired as long as you do it regularly.

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