Muscle Building : The Right Way to Get Six Packs

Muscle Building, Get Six Packs, Building Muscle
Muscular arms that look so cool, such thing indeed may be dreamed by all men. Muscle building for it is available out there with many options to go with. Lifting weight with arms routinely to get the muscle of our arms to grow, it shouldn’t be too hard if done properly. However, aside from arms men should also pay attention to their stomach. Unlike the arms, stomach may be a little harder to be shaped with muscle building due to the fact that most fat gathered here. Fortunately, muscle building for stomach can be done without the need of special equipments. Here is the list of training to help you achieve six pacts stomach.

Sit up

This one is a muscle building to shape the upper stomach. It is done by sit on ground with your legs bending upright. Then with your arms crossed on your chest or placed on the back of your head, lower your body backward until you lay on the ground. After that, try to get back to the original position. Do it repeatedly. The common mistake that people usually do on this training is that they get their leg being held by other or something. Indeed that make the sit up more convenient since our place become fixated and don’t move much. However, in fact that make the sit up become ineffective. The proper way is doing sit up alone with our leg free.

Leg raises

This muscle building is to shape the lower part of stomach. It is done by lay down on a table. Grab the edge of the table behind your head by hand s. After that, with your legs a little bended raise it till the point of 45 degree. Hold it in that position for some time and then slowly lower it to its original position. While doing this, don’t let your legs to touch the place where you lay if you can.

Side to side

This training is a muscle building to shape the side part of the stomach. You may need dumbbell for this one. First, stand firmly with both hands holding dumbbells, your hands is positioned right by both sides of you. After that, slowly leans your body to your left until you feel the pressure on your stomach. Hold in this position a while, and then get back to the original position. Do the same with the right side.

By doing the three stomach’s muscle building above, you should be able to achieve six pacts if you do it properly and routinely.

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